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What is the 10 Pathways?


The ‘10 Pathways’ is an advanced, digital Criminal Justice Case-management system that is in place to ensure criminal justice services are enhanced for the 21st Century. This system is the result of over 15 years of ‘work in the field’ utilizing the experience and outcomes that have been generated through best practice lead case-managers, their experience and their highly developed skills. The first pathways were implemented by Baroness Corston for females in 2007, this was then adopted by the Ministry of Justice in 2008 and converted into 7 Pathways in Reducing Reoffending. The ‘10 Pathways’ have been tested through manual methods since 2008 and have now been modernized and expertly built into an adaptable, flexible and highly effective digital format that will provide feedback in real-time, revolutionizing communications and impact measurement within the entire Criminal Justice System.

Why is this system needed?
During the early stages of the research it was identified that any single complex person held within the criminal justice system could have up to 32 organizations and 102 staff (these figures are based on 437 offenders and average was found to be 12 organizations with 52 influential staff involved) working with them during their entire sentence. The communication and management of these essential services is incredibly difficult to track and evidence impact on whom was effective or essential for the resulting outcomes. In addition to this, there are many professions and industries that do not understand each other’s roles, or how they affect and influence each other’s impact. This synergy of communication has been proved to be essential in order to educate and motivate the client to work with and advocate for their own needs towards their desistance from crime. The 10 Pathways will ensure that the collection and communication of progress is maintained and will in itself collect the vital information of progress. Also the system will source any further needs and identify supportive referrals and options for interventions.

The system utilizes the proven and established ‘10 Pathways’, desistance theory, best practice motivational techniques, life coaching, sentence planning, through care and ongoing tracking – to ensure accountability of the offender and services working alongside the offender within all 10 Pathways. The 10 Pathways system will allow custodial and probationary services to effectively communicate with and track all services’ outcomes. Working with the person responsible for planning and tracking through the 10 Pathways will allow for a swift and responsive intervention that is automatically recorded and can be used by all levels of professionals, Management Service and Commissioners within in the Criminal Justice System.

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